OB Hares Black

Hares Black have been a very successful squad, Finishing top of the table most years!

Currently in Division 1 of the Aylesbury league.

Captain: Lisa Baker   Vice Captain: Alisa Cullen

OB Hares Black

Alisa CullenOB Hares BlackCenter, Wing Attack
Beatrice WoodOB Hares BlackCenter, Wing Attack
Jenna De KresterOB Hares BlackGoal Defense, Wing Defense, Wing Attack
Lisa BakerOB Hares BlackGoal Shooter
Lisa ShawOB Hares BlackGoal Keeper
Lynn KempOB Hares BlackCenter, Wing Attack, Goal Attack
Nicola LoczyOB Hares BlackWing Defense
Pip GillOB Hares BlackCenter, Wing Attack
Rose JennerOB Hares BlackGoal Keeper, Goal Attack, Goal Shooter
Victoria HowarthOB Hares BlackGoal Defense, Wing Defense
Victoria LindseyOB Hares BlackGoal Keeper, Goal Defense, Wing Defense
Victoria WilmoreOB Hares BlackGoal Attack

Play at: Stoke Mandeville Stadium