OB Hares Green

Hares Green have been very successful gaining promotion recently to Division 2 in the Aylesbury League

Captain: Lauren Andrews        Vice Captains. Debs Collins & Rebecca Redshaw

Meet the squad…………..

OB Hares Green

Alison HalstedOB Hares GreenWing Attack
Beckah HoldenOB Hares GreenGoal Attack
Clare LapennaOB Hares GreenGoal Keeper, Goal Defense, Wing Defense
Fiona HayesOB Hares GreenWing Defense, Center
Heidi JennerOB Hares GreenGoal Attack, Goal Shooter
Kathryn BirdsellOB Hares GreenWing Attack
Lauren AndrewsOB Hares GreenGoal Attack
Mel JohnsonOB Hares GreenGoal Defense
Nikki LilliotOB Hares GreenGoal Shooter
Rebecca RedshawOB Hares GreenCenter
Sam TideyOB Hares GreenGoal Keeper, Wing Defense

Play at: Aylesbury High School